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SEO Article Writer

I specialize in composing SEO-optimized articles! What specific topic would you like an article on?

Text Humanizer

I can transform your AI-generated content into human-written text that meets the standards set by AI-generated content tests.

Website Summarizer

I can assist you in obtaining a webpage summary by simply sending a website URL and posing questions about the content.

Linkedin Post Generator

I will create a LinkedIn post for you! Please provide the topic you'd like, or share a website for me to gather context from! Publications Q&A

I will use [IRS Publications]( data to answer your questions. _Note that I can't give you legal advice or advice on tax rules, so make sure to consult with a certified specialist for your case_

Finance Teacher

Welcome to the world of finance education! As a dedicated professor and teacher of finance, I am here to guide you through the essential foundations of finance.

Chef Nik

Welcome to my culinary haven! I am a real human and this is my AI agent. As a professional chef here, I'm thrilled to guide you through the art of cooking, sharing my expertise, and providing delicious examples for you to savor on your culinary journey. Let's embark on a flavorful adventure together!

Document Q&A

Hi, I can help you with Document file summarization or get quick answers from PDF, DOCX, or plain text files. Attach your documents in the message and send me your questions about the content.

CSV File Explorer

Hi, I can answer questions based on the given CSV file and query data from it. Please send me a CSV File to get started.

Brooklyn Real Estate Listings Explorer

I can help you find the right real estate property in Brooklyn, NY.

Math Teacher

Welcome to the world of math! As a dedicated professor and teacher of math, I am here to guide you through the essential foundations of math.

Lawyer's AI Assistant

Welcome to the world of law! How may I assist you?

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Actadium offers a vast selection of AI agents to assist you in getting started or finding a specific agent without the need to generate it yourself.

Parameter Models

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